Using The Ancestry Shoebox (A Complete Guide)

I see a repeated conversation on the genealogy forums that starts with someone asking when Ancestry will improve the Shoebox. Usually, a reply mentions a rumor that the feature will be dropped. And there’s bound to be at least one person wondering…what on earth is the Shoebox? This article aims to be a complete guide. … Read more

little boy waiting at window for dna results

How Long Do 23andMe DNA Results Take in 2022?

The 23andMe website says that they typically take 6 to 8 weeks to produce your DNA results from your kit arrives at the lab. Last year, some happy customers reported that their results took only two weeks to be ready. But are there delays in current times? I’ve checked the genealogy forums to see what … Read more

Who Owns MyHeritage? (All The Facts)

There is a common misconception that MyHeritage is owned by Ancestry. These two rivals are not connected, and MyHeritage is an independent company. So, who actually owns MyHeritage? This article will give the short answer, and also explores the major investors and influencers in MyHeritage. Who Owns MyHeritage? MyHeritage was purchased in 2021 by U.S. … Read more