Who Founded Illumina? (Explained)

Illumina has a fascinating foundation story that illustrates the early days of the biotech industry. Two investors pulled together a small team of scientists who had been involved in other startups. The group formed a new company to take advantage of innovative research in technology. Well, maybe the bare bones don’t sound so fascinating. But … Read more

Who Owns Living DNA? (Explained)

Living DNA provides consumer DNA tests for ancestry, genealogy, and personal health research. This article explains the current ownership structure of the company. We then address some background and connections that surround the company. Who Owns Living DNA? Living DNA is a family-owned business with three company directors: David Nicholson is managing director of both … Read more

Who Owns FamilyTreeDNA? (Explained)

The parent company of FamilyTreeDNA merged in early 2021 with Australian genetic testing company myDNA. What does this mean for FamilyTreeDNA customers? Will the genealogy services be enhanced or left behind? This article takes a close look at the future direction for the family research division of the merged company. Who Owns FamilyTreeDNA? The FamilyTreeDNA … Read more

Best GEDmatch Calculator (Complete Guide)

Now that I’ve written a review of every admixture project on GEDmatch I can step back and consider the best GEDmatch calculator for specific ancestry. I’ve split this article into regions, as different calculators suit different backgrounds. Bear in mind that you’ll get the best results with any calculator if you are predominantly of one … Read more

Who Owns 23andMe? (Explained)

23andMe was privately owned up until 2021 when it merged with a Virgin Groups acquisition company to go public without a traditional IPO. Anne Wojcicki and Richard Branson are the most high-profile stakeholders in the new venture. However, a considerable number of investors have taken ownership stakes in 23andMe in prior funding rounds. This article … Read more

The GEDmatch Gedrosia Project (Explained For Beginners)

GedrosiaDNA is one of the more recent projects on GEDmatch. The project creator included archaic DNA samples in his calculators that weren’t available to other projects. The GEDmatch Gedrosia project is very focused on Eurasian heritage. Origins Of The GedrosiaDNA Project The GedrosiaDNA project on GEDmatch was created by Dilawer Khan, who has a particular … Read more

The GEDmatch PuntDNAL Project (Explained For Beginners)

PuntDNAL is one of the more recent projects on GEDmatch. The project creator was able to use archaic and modern DNA samples that weren’t available to other projects. The PuntDNAL calculators explore ancient heritage particularly for Southeast Asians and non-West Europeans. There are also two calculators with a focus on African heritage. Origins Of The … Read more

The GEDmatch Ethiohelix Project (For African Ancestry)

The GEDmatch Ethiohelix project is aimed at exploring African heritage. One of the project calculators is for people with 100% African ancestry. The others cater for mixed heritage. The project includes DNA samples from academic studies, some project volunteers, and ancient archaeological finds. Bear in mind that all the GEDmatch admixture projects explore older eras … Read more

The GEDmatch HarappaWorld Project (Explained For Beginners)

HarappaWorld is the only admixture project on Gedmatch that has just one calculator. That’s an indicator as to how focused this project is. HarappaWorld was designed by its creator to explore South Asian heritage. The project includes ancient samples alongside DNA results from project volunteers and academic studies. Bear in mind that all the GEDmatch … Read more

The GEDmatch MDLP Project (Explained For Beginners)

The GEDmatch MDLP project has a mix of calculators that compare your ethnicity with DNA samples assembled by the project creator. Like the other calculators, this project measures how your DNA aligns with ancient samples alongside results from project volunteers and academic studies. The focus is on exploring your heritage from older eras of human … Read more