Impact of Ancestry removing your DNA matches in 2020

FINAL UPDATE 1st September 2020: Ancestry will no longer display DNA matches below 8 cM. This article discusses techniques to preserve low matches before this change. These techniques are now obsolete. Latest update 24 July 2020: Ancestry personnel have informed several users that the removal of matches will be delayed to early September late August … Read more

How To Use Ancestry Hints (With Examples)

This article gives you detailed examples showing how to use Ancestry hints when building your family tree. Sometimes, the number of hints can seem overwhelming. We’ll look at ways to work efficiently with the most useful types of hints. We’ve also got advice and strategies for evaluating hints so that you’re not led astray by … Read more

How Accurate Are Ancestry Hints? (And Why They Go Wrong)

This article examines how accurate are Ancestry hints by taking a detailed look at how they work. As well as understanding how Ancestry generates hints, we describe how the system can go wrong. Many Ancesty customers have a love-hate relationship with the green leaf hints, which can provide invaluable insight or be wildly inaccurate. We’ll … Read more

How To Use Your Ancestry Tree to Research DNA Matches

This article is about researching your DNA matches through your Ancestry family tree. Do you look at your thousands of matches and wonder why you don’t recognize any surnames in their pedigree? If you’re interested in finding your connection with DNA matches, then you need to follow a specific strategy when building your Ancestry tree. … Read more

Advanced Ancestry Search Filters (Explained With Examples)

This article shows you a cool Ancestry advanced search feature. Specifically, we dive into filtering your search results by category. Ever feel overwhelmed by thousands of results coming back from your Search? And decide that you’d be better off researching a different person? This Ancestry advanced search strategy will help you mine those massive record … Read more

How To Search (For Beginners)

This article takes a detailed look at the basic and advanced search forms that let you perform the most common type of searches on These are global searches through all Ancestry record collections. The Five Types of Ancestry Search There are five main ways of searching through for records in Ancestry. Five? Yes, there … Read more