Ancestry Distant Cousin Threshold

As you scroll down the Ancestry Match List page, you’ll eventually see a “Distant Cousin” marker. This is the Ancestry Distant Cousin Threshold. Matches above the mark are what Ancestry calls 4th-6th cousins (and closer). Matches below the mark are what they consider to be “Distant Cousins”. The Ancestry Distant Cousin threshold is 20 centimorgans. … Read more

Gender Breakdown of my Ancestry Matches

Up to now, I hadn’t paid much attention to Ancestry match gender. This post is a deep dive into how it breaks down. When I first took a snapshot of my Ancestry match data, I didn’t bother taking every piece of information available. For example, I didn’t think that the kit administrator info was useful … Read more

The Top 10 Ancestral Surnames across my Ancestry DNA Matches Surprised Me

In May 2018 I downloaded the direct line ancestral surnames of all my DNA matches at Ancestry. I discussed some statistical analysis on the numbers in a previous post. I then conducted some exploratory data mining of the distribution of surnames across my matches. My paternal line is African (not African-American), and I have very … Read more