Tracking Ancestry DNA matches by Spreadsheet

INTRODUCTION Do you feel a little overwhelmed when looking at your Ancestry DNA matches? I find that the best way to tackle thousands of matches is to download them into a spreadsheet and organize them in a way that every piece of information can be seen and filtered. The power of spreadsheets allows me to … Read more

Strengthening Security is now fully secure! I purchased an SSL certificate from my hosting provider, and used the WordPress plugin “Really Simple SSL” to install it on this website. The free plugin provided a painless process for the setup. If I ever need the additional features of the premium product, I’ll happily stick with this company.

Gender Breakdown of my Ancestry Matches

Up to now, I hadn’t paid much attention to Ancestry match gender. This post is a deep dive into how it breaks down. When I first took a snapshot of my Ancestry match data, I didn’t bother taking every piece of information available. For example, I didn’t think that the kit administrator info was useful … Read more

How Many of My Ancestry Matches have Identical Trees copied between Accounts?

Something I find mildly disappointing with a new DNA match on Ancestry is when I realize that I’ve seen their tree before. The exact same identical tree. I’ll recognize this is the case if I’ve spent some considerable time studying the tree in a previous encounter from an earlier DNA match. What’s happening is that … Read more