The GEDmatch HarappaWorld Project (Explained For Beginners)

HarappaWorld is the only admixture project on Gedmatch that has just one calculator. That’s an indicator as to how focused this project is. HarappaWorld was designed by its creator to explore South Asian heritage. The project includes ancient samples alongside DNA results from project volunteers and academic studies. Bear in mind that all the GEDmatch … Read more

The GEDmatch MDLP Project (Explained For Beginners)

The GEDmatch MDLP project has a mix of calculators that compare your ethnicity with DNA samples assembled by the project creator. Like the other calculators, this project measures how your DNA aligns with ancient samples alongside results from project volunteers and academic studies. The focus is on exploring your heritage from older eras of human … Read more

Eurogenes On GEDmatch (Explained For Beginners)

The Eurogenes project on GEDmatch has a set of admixture calculators that compare your ethnicity with a range of DNA samples from project volunteers and academic sources. Some of the Eurogenes calculators focus on ancient ancestries, such as the early Farmers and Hunter Gatherers. Others try to assess more recent eras of European and Asian … Read more

The GEDmatch Dodecad Project (Explained For Beginners)

The Dodecad project on GEDmatch was one of the first admixture tools on the website. The other projects are based on the original Dodecad software. It’s important to remember that the admixture projects aimed to research ancient populations. You may get some insight into modern ethnicity, but it largely depends on how your heritage aligns … Read more

Who Owns GEDmatch? (All The Facts)

The GEDmatch website has had several owners since it was established in 2010. Its sale in 2019 caused quite a stir amongst both members and the wider genealogical community. This article looks at who owns GEDmatch now, and who was behind its creation. Who Owns GEDmatch? Verogen, a San Diego forensic genetics firm, announced in … Read more

How Long Do 23andMe DNA Results Take in 2021?

The 23andMe website says that they typically take 6 to 8 weeks to produce your DNA results from your kit arrives at the lab. Last year, some happy customers reported that their results took only two weeks to be ready. But are there delays in current times? I’ve checked the genealogy forums to see what … Read more