Your Ancestry Tree and DNA Matches

This chapter is about connecting your Ancestry tree and DNA matches. Do you look at your thousands of matches and wonder why you don’t recognize any surnames in their pedigree? Marvel at how your great grandparents were all from the same town, but your DNA are cousins strewn across three continents? If you’re interested in … Read more

In-Depth Guide – Chapter 9 – Send Ancestry Messages that get Replies

How do you send messages to DNA matches that are more likely to get replies? Why don’t Ancestry users respond to your messages about their trees? Ancestry don’t mention this in their marketing, but there is an unfortunate truth that is easily learned by reading social media forums. Out of the millions of Ancestry users, … Read more

In-Depth Guide – Part 6 – Ancestry Global Search

“Ancestry Global Search” is chapter six in this in-depth series on using the Ancestry website. This chapter looks in depth at this powerful type of Ancestry Search. The series chapters to date are: 1: The Essential Tree 2: Entering Dates in your Trees 3: Entering Names in your Trees 4: Entering Locations in your Trees … Read more