Accelerate your Ancestry DNA research

Visualize, explore and investigate your Ancestry shared matches through interactive information-rich network graphs. A fast and easy way to research your matches!

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Watch a DNA Match Graph in action!

Stop wasting time clicking through your endless list of matches on Ancestry, and hoping you’ll spot the connections.
Our graph application displays the big picture of your DNA match network.

Pan and zoom to find clusters of highly connected shared matches that likely descend from common ancestors.

Explore the intuitive interface to find the most useful groups of matches to drive your Ancestry research.

Explore your DNA Match Clusters

highly connected cluster


These DNA matches are so highly interconnected that its likely they share a common ancestor.

Zoom in on a cluster and start investigating.

Pan across the cluster to find the most useful matches with the largest public trees.

Use the dashboard to access direct links to the matches on your Ancestry website.

Fast and Focused Investigation

Choose a specific DNA match you want to investigate, and take a deep dive into their shared match network.

But you can do this on Ancestry, right? Just look at Karen’s shared match list, then click on every match in that list and look at their shared matches. And keep track of it all in your head.

Or you can instantly visualize Karen’s shared match network with a single interactive graph.

Specific match network


When can I get my early access?

 Very soon. We are currently in private beta, and will notify you before our full public launch.

What happens to my data?

You retain all ownership. We do not log into your Ancestry account. Check out our Privacy and T&Cs linked in the footer.

Who is this application for?

You’ll get the most out of the application if you have a subscription that gives access to public trees on Ancestry.

Who operates this site and application?

It is operated by M.C.O.B. Technology Ltd, which has been in business since 2004. Check our About page linked in the footer.