How To Add Step Parents And Adopted Parents To Your Ancestry Tree

The default relationships in an Ancestry tree are biological father, mother, brother,  and sister. But families are more complicated than that! You can add step-parents, foster parents, and adoptive parents to your Ancestry tree. There are also some other less common relationships available. It’s not obvious how to do this, so we’ll give you a … Read more

When Will RootsMagic 8 Be Available?

When will RootsMagic 8 be available? You may get irritated responses if you pose this question in several genealogy forums. I spotted one old hand complaining that the question had popped up three times in 45 minutes. I purchased RootsMagic 7 in 2020. The company included a free license key for RootsMagic 8 with this … Read more

How Do I Make My Ancestry Tree Public?

When I’m starting research on a family tree on, I often make it private. When I’m confident that my tree is accurate, then I want others to benefit from my research. That’s when I make my Ancestry tree public. How Do I Make My Ancestry Tree Public on Ancestry.Com? To make your Ancestry tree … Read more