How To Use Ancestry ThruLines (12 Best Tips)

These twelve tips for using Ancestry Thrulines are our best strategies and tips to identify the most useful Thrulines for your research avoid polluting your tree with incorrect paths to mistaken ancestors I’ve reviewed a wide range of articles and social media postings for great ways to evaluate ThruLines. There’s no single best way to … Read more

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How Do Ancestry Thrulines Work (A Tutorial)

This article looks in depth at how Ancestry Thrulines work. A deeper understanding will help you assess their accuracy and avoid some pitfalls. What Are Thrulines On Ancestry? Thrulines is an Ancestry display feature that groups your DNA matches under potential common ancestors. Ancestry combines linked searchable trees to suggest how you and your DNA … Read more

Impact of Ancestry removing your DNA matches in 2020

FINAL UPDATE 1st September 2020: Ancestry will no longer display DNA matches below 8 cM. This article discusses techniques to preserve low matches before this change. These techniques are now obsolete. Latest update 24 July 2020: Ancestry personnel have informed several users that the removal of matches will be delayed to early September late August … Read more

Pedigree Thief (Old Review)

[As of June 2020, Pedigree Thief no longer downloads from Ancestry.] Pedigree Thief is a free chrome extension that will download your DNA matches and shared matches from Ancestry and MyHeritage. The application is built for other purposes and does other things, but this review focuses entirely on the Ancestry download feature. What Else Does … Read more

A Comparison of Tools to Download Ancestry Matches

Are you wondering how to download your matches and shared matches from Ancestry? This article compares and contrasts differing tools to download Ancestry matches. [Update 16 June 2020: Ancestry has stopped third party tools from downloading matches. The tools described here will continue to work with other DNA sites where specified.] DNA Match Manager from … Read more

DNAGedcom Client – A Review with AncestryDNA

What is the DNAGedcom Client? The DNAGedcom Client is a desktop application that will download your DNA match information from several DNA test sites. The application includes many other features than the download, but this review focuses on the download for AncestryDNA. [Update 16 June 2020: Ancestry has stopped third party tools from downloading matches. … Read more