The GEDmatch Dodecad Project (Explained For Beginners)

The Dodecad project on GEDmatch was one of the first admixture tools on the website. The other projects are based on the original Dodecad software. It’s important to remember that the admixture projects aimed to research ancient populations. You may get some insight into modern ethnicity, but it largely depends on how your heritage aligns … Read more

Who Owns GEDmatch? (All The Facts)

The GEDmatch website has had several owners since it was established in 2010. Its sale in 2019 caused quite a stir amongst both members and the wider genealogical community. This article looks at who owns GEDmatch now, and who was behind its creation. Who Owns GEDmatch? Verogen, a San Diego forensic genetics firm, announced in … Read more

GEDmatch Oracle Explained (For Beginners)

This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on using GEDmatch Oracle within an Admixture project. We’ll address the basic concepts first, and then walk step-by-step through using and interpreting Oracle results. The original creator of the Oracle utility described it as a “little fun tool“. Bear in mind that the results are highly speculative. But they … Read more

How To Add A Family Tree To GEDmatch

There are two ways to add a family tree to GEDmatch: upload a GEDCOM file or add a link from a Wikitree. The GEDCOM approach is more common amongst GEDmatch members. This article has a review and walkthrough of importing a GEDCOM file to GEDmatch. We’ll also take a detailed look at privacy and living … Read more

GEDmatch Superkits – How To Reap The Benefits

GEDmatch Superkits are part of the paid tier on the GEDmatch website. You can combine up to four uploaded kits in your account into one GEDmatch Superkit – all representing DNA of one person. A GEDmatch Superkit won’t give you a sudden increase in DNA matches. You’re more likely to lose some distant matches at … Read more

GEDmatch Kit Numbers Explained

When you upload your raw DNA results to GEDmatch, you’ll get a unique Kit Number. You’ll be constantly copying or keying it into the GEDmatch comparison reports. Other people may send you their GEDmatch Kit Numbers or ask for yours for collaborating on genealogy research. GEDmatch has changed the format of Kit Numbers several times … Read more

What Is Overlap On GEDmatch – An Illustrated Guide

If you’ve noticed the Overlap column in the One-To-Many Report on GEDmatch, it’s probably because you have DNA matches with varying shades of pink. GEDmatch is warning you to treat these matches with some caution. In general, you don’t need to worry about overlap with your higher (closer) matches. The overlap value is more important … Read more