Who Founded Illumina? (Explained)

Illumina has a fascinating foundation story that illustrates the early days of the biotech industry. Two investors pulled together a small team of scientists who had been involved in other startups. The group formed a new company to take advantage of innovative research in technology. Well, maybe the bare bones don’t sound so fascinating. But … Read more

How To Delete A Family Tree On Geni

It can be difficult to delete a family tree or even a single individual from Geni. In some circumstances, you will not be able to remove every tree profile that you added to Geni. This depends on whether your tree is isolated or if it is shared with other Geni members. This article goes through … Read more

How To Export A GEDCOM From Geni

Geni offers five types of GEDCOM export, and each type includes a different set of your relatives. This article explains the differences, and which option to choose for what you want to achieve. We also cover the limits on what you can export. And no, you can’t download the entire Geni World Tree! How To … Read more

RootsMagic 7 On A Mac – Issues and Fixes

RootsMagic 7 runs on many, but not all, Mac operating systems. Mac users don’t get every RootsMagic 7 feature available in Windows, but the missing few may be of no interest to you. This article describes these features, and some simple workarounds to get the same benefits on a Mac. Both Windows and Mac users … Read more

Security Breaches on DNA Sites

Security Breaches and DNA Testing Websites – July 2020

July 2020 was a bad month for security hacks and breaches in the world of genealogy and DNA testing websites. On 19th July 2020, GEDmatch (owned by Verogen) announced a security breach on their Facebook page. They took their website down to address the issues. It remained unavailable for a number of days. A major … Read more

Your 5th cousin isn’t a DNA match? Don’t jump to conclusions!

In Ireland, the “townland” is a small area of land supporting a number of households. The townland of Creeny (or Creeney) is in County Cavan. In 1901 there were six households in Creeny. This reduced to five in 1911. Two of the households have the surname of Gamble. Thomas and Mary Gamble sold their farm … Read more