Date Difference Calculator

This calculator takes two dates and calculates the difference between them in years, months, or days (depending on your choice).

This is perfect for calculating:

  • the exact number of days, months, or years between two historical events
  • the difference in years between two siblings given their dates of births
  • how long a journey took when given the start and end dates

Calculate The Difference In Years, Months, And Days


How To Use This Calculator

Simply input two dates and select whether you'd like to know the difference in days, months, or years.

Hit the calculate button - and there's your answer!

Uses For This Date Difference Calculator

As genealogists, we often come across dates that tell stories – stories of birth and death, of migration and marriage, of wars and significant life events.

Sometimes, understanding the difference between these dates is where the real story unfolds.

Was there a three-year gap between a child's birth and the next sibling? Did an ancestor marry soon after arriving in a new country?

The time between dates can offer insights into personal decisions and life circumstances.

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