Welcome to the “GEDCOM To Spreadsheet” conversion service.

Upload your GEDCOM file and receive a spreadsheet with every person in your tree.

But that’s not all!  You also get seven bonus reports:

  • Surname frequency report.
  • Word clouds based on name frequency.
  • A separate list of your direct ancestral line.
  • A five and six-generation pedigree family tree you can print on a single page.
  • A seven-generation family tree that prints across two pages.

Video Demo

If you like videos, watch this and then read on for more details and how to make an order.

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The GEDCOM Spreadsheet

Here’s what the main converted spreadsheet looks like (not real persons):

GEDCOM Worksheet

The spreadsheet also includes the unique GEDCOM IDs for each person (they’re just out of the picture above).

Direct Ancestors

You also get a separate spreadsheet with your direct ancestors going back seven generations.

Here is a sample list:

Pedigree Worksheet

The categories shown aren’t in the GEDCOM. They are helpful descriptions so you know which ancestor you’re dealing with e.g. GGP1 is the first of your eight great-grandparents.

Five-Generation Pedigree Tree

The conversion process generates a five-generation pedigree tree on a spreadsheet page that prints out on a single landscape page.

Yes, you don’t need to type in the entries – the conversion process automatically generates this sheet.

The single-page printout is very convenient for taking to libraries and record archives!

But it’s also a great way to spot the gaps in your research.

Did you forget that you never found a death date for one of your great-grandparents? That’s not easy to see on Ancestry.com. But it’s very clear in this display.

Five-Generation Worksheet

Six-Generation Pedigree Tree

Are five generations not enough for you?

I’ve squeezed an extra generation onto a single landscape page for the six-generation version of your pedigree tree.

If it’s like mine, there will be a lot more gaps at the furthest generation.

Six-Generation Worksheet

Seven-Generation Pedigree Tree

No, I can’t fit seven generations onto a single printed page.

But the layout prints on two pages which can be easily taped together.

Once again, the spreadsheet format is very useful for seeing what’s missing from your tree.

Name Frequency And Word Clouds

It’s always interesting to see patterns emerge in your genealogy.  Word clouds are one way of getting insights.

Here’s one example (we give you two word clouds based on the frequency of surnames in the list):

Word Cloud

How Much Does The Service Cost?

The service costs $14 for one GEDCOM file. There are discounts for multiple files.

Payment is processed through PayPal which accepts credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. (You can use a PayPal account but you don’t need one).

You will receive an invoice when your spreadsheets are ready.

I don’t charge upfront because there’s a small possibility that I can’t work with your file.

If you’ve downloaded the GEDCOM file from a popular site like Ancestry.com, there shouldn’t be a problem.

But I want to be sure that I can deliver your spreadsheets before you make the payment.

Do you have lots of files?

Send an email to gedcom@dataminingdna.com to ask for a bulk conversion project. I’ll need to know the number of files involved.

I’ll send you a quote and you can decide whether to proceed.

Is your GEDCOM file huge?

If your file is very large, it may not upload to the server (there is limited space).

However, I should be able to process it if I can access it! Can you upload it to DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or some alternative online storage area?

Send a link to gedcom@dataminingdna.com and I’ll check whether I can process it.

How Do You Make An Order?

Click this link to upload your file to a secure server on the Amazon Cloud.

Don’t forget to fill in your email too.

How Long Does It Take?

Please allow for a two-day turnaround to complete the processing.

What About Privacy?

Your files and spreadsheets are processed on a secure Amazon server. 

The files are deleted 14 days after your order has been delivered. They are kept for that short time for quality control (i.e. if you have any queries about the converted data).

Please note that I personally review every spreadsheet to ensure quality.

I will never share your data with a third party.

Who Am I?

I am Margaret O’Brien, the owner of the DataMiningDNA.com website.

I created this website in 2017 to provide articles and tutorials on all aspects of genealogy and consumer DNA tests.

You can read more about me here.