Headstone Birth Date Calculator

This calculator takes a death date and the age of the person when they died and calculates the possible birth dates.

In other words, it gives you the earliest and latest date of birth for the person to be that age at death.

This is very useful when examining headstones or historical death certificates.

Calculate Birth Date Range From Age At Date

Possible Date of Birth Range: to

How The Calculator Works

Calculating the possible range for the date of birth must recognize that the person could have turned the given age either before or after the exact death date in that year.

For example, suppose a headstone states that the person was twenty when they died on the 1st of June 1990.

Earliest possible birth date

Let’s consider the earliest date they could have been born. Someone born on the 1st of June 1969 would turn 21 on June 1, 1990.

That means that the earliest possible birth date for our example is the 2nd of June 1969. This means that the person died one day short of their 21st birth day, and that person is still 20.

Latest possible birth date

The latest date is a bit easier to understand. It’s the same day twenty years before the death date. If it was a day later, the would be a year younger on the day of death.

In our example, the latest birth date is the 1st June 1970.

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