How Long Does Ancestry Take To Process DNA Results in 2023?

Ancestry states that it takes 6 to 8 weeks to process your DNA from when they receive your kit.

But some customers in 2022 and early 2023 report that they get their results earlier than that.

So, how long does it really take in current times? I’ve scoured social media forums to find out.

Check out our comments section at the end of this article where customers are posting their latest reports.

How Long Does Ancestry Take To Process DNA Results In 2023?

Ancestry customers report that it’s taking 4 to 6 weeks for DNA results to process in 2022/2023. That does not include the postal transit time from when you mail your kit.

Three weeks is about the fastest time that you can expect to get your Ancestry DNA results. Although in previous years, I’ve seen customers report on social media that their turnaround was two weeks!

Eight weeks is an upper limit that Ancestry give themselves to allow for outliers. It’s rare to see people report that it took that long. Usually, it’s because there is a problem with the DNA kit.

Major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving see a spike in Ancestry DNA kit orders. This can result in delays in the following months for a time.

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience a lengthy delay, check out our trouble-shooting section later in this article.

Customer Reports on Ancestry DNA Processing Time

One way to find out how long it takes to get Ancestry DNA results is to see what other people are saying. The question does get asked a lot in social media forums.

Below are some reports within the last 12 months. Some people are including the postal time, and others record how long it takes from the point where Ancestry has received the kit.

When I average these reports, my summary is that it’s taking between three to six weeks.

  • I mailed [my cousin] the kit on 2nd October and the results were ready on 23rd October. It took 21 days including postal time.
  • I was told my test results would be ready on 21st September but I got them on 8th September.
  • My sample was mailed in late July and results were received on 4th August.
  • My timeline showed the kit was received on 26th June. The results were in on 13th August. (47 days)
  • When I did mine in March, it was exactly 3 weeks from their acknowledgment of receipt until I got the results.

Processing Delays Due To Covid Are Over

In early 2021, new customers started to notice significant delays in processing time. This was common to many companies during the Covid pandemic.

A reader sent me this screenshot of her Ancestry screen. You can see the new information messages in the upper half of the screen.

2022 Times Are Back To Normal

Customers started reporting in late 2021 that the delays in previous months were clearing up.

More recently in 2022, people have commented on this article that the turnaround is back to the usual time frames.

Why Does It Take So Long To Process Ancestry DNA?

Sending off a DNA kit can be a momentous decision. You may be hoping to break down brick walls with the results. So a few weeks can seem like an eternity. Particularly when all those CSI crime dramas have detectives getting DNA results the same day.

So why does Ancestry take so long? Well, your test kit goes through these stages:

  1. A laboratory receives your DNA kit
  2. Your DNA sample is slotted for processing
  3. DNA is extracted from the saliva sample that you provided
  4. Your DNA is analyzed and entered into Ancestry’s DNA database
  5. Ancestry displays your DNA results

You can track these stages through your Ancestry account. The display will look something like this (or it will be vertical on your cell phone).

It can take several weeks for the sample to move from “received” to “processing”. Your kit is in a queue, so my guess is that this is going to be longer after a big sale period.

How long does AncestryDNA take after extraction?

You can expect the progress to move fast from “processing” to “extracting”. That status can change within the same day.

Then you’re in for another wait when the status of your DNA is at extraction. It can take several weeks for DNA to move on from extraction to analysis.

Once progress hits “DNA Analyzed” status, it should move within days to “Results Ready”. Hurrah!

Does Ancestry Have a DNA Lab in Ireland?

When you track your DNA kit through the postal services, you may notice that it has gone to Dublin, Ireland. There is a misconception that Ancestry has a DNA lab in Ireland where some kits are processed. This isn’t true.

All the labs that Ancestry uses are in the United States. If your package is shipped to Ireland, it will be shipped onwards to the United States.

If you live in Canada, you may be wondering why on earth the package would be routed through Ireland instead of over the border? Ancestry’s European headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, and a lot of administrative functions are handled there.

The DNA kit packages aren’t forwarded one by one to the United States. They are held for a short period in Dublin and then sent in larger batches to different labs in the U.S.

What To Do If Your Results Are Taking Too Long

Here are my trouble-shooting tips on what to do if the processing goes beyond eight weeks.

Check Your Spam Folder

Ancestry sends you emails at various stages of the process.

My first tip is to be sure to check your spam or promotions folder for emails from Ancestry. You may have missed an email advising that your DNA sample failed to process.

Make Sure You Activated Your Ancestry DNA Kit

If you haven’t received any emails within a few weeks of mailing your DNA kit then you may have missed a very important task. Don’t forget to activate your DNA kit!

Otherwise, the Ancestry lab will sit on a DNA package that it can’t connect to a customer account.

Mailed Your DNA Kit Ages Ago – And Ancestry Still Hasn’t Received It?

Your kit may have got lost in transit. It’s disappointing, but don’t worry about any financial loss. Ancestry will send you another kit without charge.

So, contact their customer support and tell them when you posted the sample.

How Long Do Other DNA Testing Companies Take?

I took a look at how long 23andMe take to process DNA results.

Judging by comments of their customers, they are a little faster than Ancestry. However, it’s a matter of weeks instead of months.

Waiting On Ancestry DNA Results? Build A Family Tree

If you’re only interested in your ethnicity results, then you may not want a family tree.

But if you’re interested in family research, you’ll get the maximum benefit of Ancestry’s impressive software by building or importing a family tree into the Ancestry website.

Create A Free Account Or Use The Free Trial

Ancestry gives you the option of creating a free guest account or taking a free trial of their paid subscription services. You can check out our guide to the best Ancestry subscription for your needs.

We’ve also got a helpful guide to getting best use of a free Ancestry account. The features with this tier are very limited, but you don’t have to provide any payment details.

The free trial gives you full use of Ancestry’s subscription features. But you do have to enter credit card details to access the trial.

Some people worry that they’ll end up being charged. This article gives you tips on canceling the Ancestry trial and avoiding unwanted charges.

Creating A Family Tree On Ancestry

This video will give you a quick start to creating a tree on Ancestry.

We have a free multi-part guide on our website on building your family tree on Ancestry. You can start with Part 1 (The Essential Tree), and move through the rest of the articles.

Alternatively, you can check out our value-packed e-book to building your Ancestry family tree. It’s available on Amazon at a budget price.

Importing An Existing Tree

If you have already created a family tree using software or another website, then you can import it into

You will need your tree in the GEDCOM format – unless you’re using a software package that can sync with Ancestry.

This article has a step-by-step guide to importing a GEDCOM into Ancestry.

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Margaret created a family tree on a genealogy website in 2012. She purchased her first DNA kit in 2017. She created this website to share insights and how-to guides on DNA, genealogy, and family research.

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  1. Ancestry already had my kit, ordered the health upgrade on Oct. 8th, the sample just went into extraction phase last week. It is now Dec. 6—So its now to about 60 days—–Any conjectures about how much longer? Feels like its taking forever. It actually Does seem long compared to some of these other timelines—-any thoughts? Thanks.

  2. did you ever get your results I am having the same problem. They said I would get them by Nov 19 and it iss still not here.

  3. did you ever get your results I am having the same problem. They said I would get them by Nov 19 and it iss still not here.

  4. Estimated total time for me to receive my results is 22 weeks (154 days) after ordering. At this time I have been waiting for 13 weeks and am waiting for my results of which I was informed would take another 6 – 8 weeks due to their labs being overflowing with customer test kits. They are very behind schedule and are unwilling to tell you so, they say 6 – 8 weeks but this is not even close to what I have experienced. I bought this on Oct 13th, so I could have ample time to receive my results for the holiday season. It is 1/13/2021 and I am still waiting, this was a present for myself that turned out to be a big pain. On top of that, you are required to have a subscription to access their database of information, until I receive my results my subscription is absolutely useless and non-refundable. This company has lied an stolen money from me, I highly recommend using a different company if you would like your DNA analyzed.

      • Hi, mine was sent on
        November 24th 2020
        recieved on December 18th. Extracted January 27th 2021
        Was told 8 weeks from sample arrival.
        Its now April 25th and no analysis or results.
        I’ve spoken to them twice, both times they offered me a free month of their service. I just got an email asking me to sign up again. No telling when I will.get my results, if ever.

      • I’m going on almost 21 weeks with no results yet ‍♀️ I’ve called at least 5 times with absolutely no help from customer service

  5. Ancestry started processing my DNA on Oct 29, 2020 and was told I would have results Dec 31, 2021 and still no results it is Jan 14, 2021.

  6. Ancestry DNA had my sample for seven weeks and just asked me for another sample. What does that mean? Did the spit dry up? Will I have to start at the back of the line?

    • Unfortunately it means that your sample couldn’t be processed. It may have been contaminated in some way.
      I’m not sure if you’re at the back of the line. Hopefully you’ll get a bump due to being second time round.

  7. Mailed kit 12/18/20 from city post office.
    *Sample received 12/22/20 per text, but on website showed as “in progress“ for weeks before it switched to “sample received”.
    *1/21/21. Sample processing (per text). “Results should be ready in 2-4 weeks” (per text). Email says it’s made it’s way through the queue.
    *1/22/21. Early AM. DNA extracted (per e-mail + website).
    *1/22/21. Eve. DNA analyzed “in progress”. “Results ready. Estimated date: Feb 11” (website)
    I’ll try to update when there are changes.
    *1/29/21. Afternoon. DNA analyzed. Results ready “in progress”. New estimated date is Feb 1, 2021.
    *1/30/21 late AM. Results ready text.
    Hope this is helpful.

  8. I added health to my existing DNA account on 11/27/20. The confirmation email I received said it would be 4-6 weeks since they already had my sample. It’s now been over 10 weeks and the website still says ‘sample processing.’

  9. Mailed it in 12/31/20 got an email saying they received it 1/18/21 and as of 2/8/21 it still says sample received so I have a funny feeling that it’s going to take a lot longer 8 weeks as I am two weeks away from the 8 week mark and it’s still on “sample received”

  10. I activated my test (Xmas gift) on 1/4/21 and mailed it the following day. They acknowledged receipt on 1/15 and at that time advised it was “in the queue” for processing. I checked the status via the link in that email today (2/8/21) which does not yet indicate it as “in process”. Furthermore the android app hasn’t updated since indicating “kit activated”. Same for the website. Frustrating…

  11. I purchased three kits. My kit was received 12/8/2020. Extracted 12/21/2020. No updates. Called 1/25/2021. Several other calls with no solutions. Finally asked for supervisor when rep told me 20 more days before any update could be given. My youngest daughters kit still said mailed as of 2/8/2021. My oldest daughters kit was mailed a week later than ours and she got results in mid January.

  12. Hi, I sent my sample Dec 23rd directly via Montreal international as I work at local post office. I got email Jan 14th stating Sample received. Now again yesterday Feb 8th again a email stating my sample was received. ( Earlier date is erased).
    What’s going on? How much longer now? From the comments I’ve read, looks like another 7-8 weeks after the lab has ‘recieved’ the sample.
    This is not right.

  13. Kit activated December 1, 2020. Sample received December 8. Sample processing December 24. Estimated results January 14. DNA extracted January 22. DNA seems stuck in progress. No further updates. I called customer service and all they would say was due to the large number of kits sold during holidays processing times are much longer than anticipated. Customer service said 8 week time frame was February 8 and that I should be seeing some results any day. Since Ancestry no longer doing health products I am wondering if I am even in the que or am I dropped from getting any results. Based on other comments it looks like it could be a very long time to get my results.
    If not going to get any results I would like a refund but do not know if this is possible.

    • That is frustrating. But don’t worry about AncestryHealth, that doesn’t impact the core DNA testing service. Ancestry usually have some short delays after big sales times, but they may be impacted a bit more by covid (staff shortages etc). If you really want a refund, you can tackle them via customer service.
      But if it’s any consolation, I’m seeing new DNA matches trickle in every day – so the labs are certainly working on new DNA kits.

    • My sample was received 11/03/2021. Processing 12/18/2021 Extracted 12/21 Results ready estimate 01/05/2021. 8 weeks up 02/09/2021. still nothing 2/22. i want a refund. I think i will call today.

  14. The AncestryDNA “Health” product is extremely backlogged because they use a 3rd party lab (Quest) to process. They received my sample back on 11/12/20 and I still do not have results. I called support and demanded a refund (ask for supervisor) and they did credit my card. I then ordered a regular DNA kit. What a waste of time just for adding the health product.

  15. I sent my kit in on 11/8/2020. It is now 2/26/2021 and the site says I have been stuck in the DNA extracted step for a month now. Customer service keeps pushing it off and saying if I call in a few weeks they will have answers. It’s so unbelievably annoying

    • I’m in the same boat:
      – Kit Activated: Nov 30
      – Sample Received: Dec 14
      – Sample Processing: Jan 19
      – DNA extracted: Feb 8
      – Est. Results: Feb 9

      It’s now 3 weeks past the estimated date for results and every time I call they say they’re backlogged but won’t contact the lab.

  16. My husband and I both sent in on Dec 1st 2020. His dna showed received within a week. Mine never showed any thing . I called ancestry and they said mine was on a different pallet and the lab didn’t receive til Dec. 20th. Husband received updates all along where I did not and always had to call. Excuse was always backlogged due to covid. Husband was supposed to receive his results Jan 9th 2021 his finally came around Feb 15th 2021. I’m still waiting with status on line showing extracting. If you call Ancestry they give you the runaround with the same canned answer. It’s March 16th and still shows dna extracted . I would never recommend Ancestry to anyone. Their service and customer support need improvement. We’ve already paid for a 6 month subscription for Ancestry by the time I get mine back I’ll be lucky if I have time left to do research.

      • Still waiting for my results it’s now April 19th. The last time I called I was told all the Health/Dna tests should be completed but May 15th. I don’t know if there is any truth to that or not. I also was told I would have a few months free access when I get my results. I am so disappointed with their process, and for sure would never recommend to anyone.

  17. Purchased dna & health
    Activated 11/20
    Received 11/25
    Processing 12/23
    Extracting 12/28
    Received Email – results will be avail 1/16/21
    DNA analyzed “in progress” since 12/28
    Today is 3/17/21
    112 days since they received and I have called at least 6 times and the employees don’t know anything and they won’t transfer to supervisor for escalated help. They say another few days, another few weeks one even had the lack of where with all and told me my results were posted. I told her to take a few minutes go back over what she was looking at because what she was saying didn’t match what I was seeing. It just depends which rep you get and which one is going to spin the next line of BS. Today I called and was on hold for 30 min (recording said it would be 15min). It seems they are really good at over-promising and under-delivering even on their customer service wait time for calls. After I explained how long I’ve been waiting on ask what wild guess would be. She didn’t respond. I sat there in silence for about and three minutes and the call was still active. I finally said “I guess you’re not going to answer the question at all, that’s a new approach” and then she hung up on me. Lol. I’m still laughing. I called back and they are closed. What a joke. I don’t think they are coming anytime soon. In one week it will be 4 months of waiting. I’m reporting them to anyone who will listen and I’m even going to contact the bigger media outlets. They love reporting on companies who are deceiving consumers. There are consumer protection laws and even more consumer advocate groups. I think it’s time they get revealed to the general public. They are making money off our money and they don’t even have the decency to update their website – it still says results in 6 – 8 weeks. It also says that “shipping” may take a little longer due to COVID but even their says their are only “a little behind”. I’m wondering if it had to do with their 4.7 billion sellout in August to Blackstone. Just because it sold doesn’t mean Blackstone stepped in and took over immediately but I suspect the timing for transition would have hit around November. After that was when they dropped selling the “Health” component of their service and sent notice that it would no longer be supported after July. They sold me (and many others) a product they weren’t going to support and they knew it when they sold it. That’s a scam. First thing tomorrow I’m sending out emails to various news agencies. I’m sure someone is interest in the story especially since Utah and the LDS have many issues coming to be revealed lately. Should be fun. Lol

    Like some others, I can’t use their website because I have no names of possible relatives. I could look up complete strangers or I could troll people that I personally know but that’s creepy.

    Good luck all. I’ll report back on media responses.

    • Your experience is exactly like mine. Exactly. It’s been 4 1/2 months since they received my kit. 3 1/2 since is was processed and “now being analyzed”. It still even says to expect results by Jan 7. I’ve called about 4x and like you said, they just give me BS. I just want to redo it but was told that’s not an option. Crazy. I was one of 7 in my family that all sent theirs in at the same time. Everything happened about the same time and while they ALL got theirs within 4 weeks of Ancestry receiving them, I’m now going on about 19 weeks. Crazy.

  18. Kit activated: Feb 12
    Sample received: Feb 19
    Sample processing: Mar 22
    DNA extracted: in progress
    DNA analyzed: Est. date: Apr 12
    Results ready: Est. date: Apr 15

  19. From UK:
    Kit activated: Jan 30 2021
    Sample received: Feb 11 2021
    Sample processing: Mar 11 2021
    DNA extracted: Mar 16 2021 Est. date: Apr 1 2021
    DNA analysed: In Progress
    Results ready: Est. date: Apr 4 2021

  20. 16+ weeks and counting.
    December 11, 2020: Kit Mailed
    December 11, 2020: Sample Received
    January 19, 2021: Sample Being Processed
    February 8, 2021: DNA Extracted
    March 29, 2031: DNA Analyzed
    Currently April 3, 2021 and still awaiting results

    My wife sent her’s in on the same day. On January 19th, her’s was processed and extracted. Then her’s went analyzed and got results on March 16th. Both were sent in at the same time and from the same address. So, who knows?!?

  21. My experience:
    12/18/2020 – Kit Mailed
    12/29/2020 – Sample Received
    1/29/2021 – Sample Processing
    3/4/2021 – DNA Extracted
    4/2/2021 – DNA Analyzed
    Results in process
    My estimated date of results was 2/19/2021 and about two weeks ago it changed to 2/22/2021 not sure why but still no results. Customer service is horrible.

  22. Been dealing w/ the same here:

    Activated kit- Nov 30 (mailed same day)
    Sample Received- Dec 15
    Sample Processing- Jan 20
    (At this point est results ready showed Feb 11. That came and went w/no change.)
    DNA Extracted- March 5
    (Called customer service end of Feb, was offered free mnth of premium paid subscription. Called again middle of March as no change in status, was offered free 6 mnths of the premium paid subscription n told better to wait for results b4 activating, due to the delays)
    DNA Analyzed- April 12th
    Results Ready – In Progress.

    Until today (4/12) results ready status still showed exp Feb 11, but now just shows “in progress”. According to recent posts I’ll prob get my results tom or the nxt day. Sucks it took so long, but atleast I they gave me the free 6 mnths, especiallysince it seems I may be 1 of the onlypeople to receive it. Good luck to you all, n I hope the wait time for u is quicker than mine.

  23. Its 4/22 and I figured I’d leave my timeline so others could compare.

    3/17- Kit Activated and Mailed in
    3/19- Tracking showed delivered
    3/24- Sample Received – on their system
    4/16- Sample Processing
    4/19- DNA Extracted

    I’m currently in the DNA Analyzed- In process Stage. Will update when it changes and I receive results.

    • UPDATE:

      3/17- Kit Activated and Mailed in
      3/19- Tracking showed delivered
      3/24- Sample Received – on their system
      4/16- Sample Processing
      4/19- DNA Extracted-
      04/28- Results Ready (early am)

      My estimated date was May 10th. I did not get email updates once they hit the DNA analyzed processing stage, just the email that they were ready. Just a little over a month processing time from when I sent my sample in.

  24. Sample processing since around 3/31. Nothing else since. However my husband’s sample is already having dna extracted as of a week ago. Mine’s just stuck.

  25. UPDATE from my post last month. Please keep posting your time lines on here. It’s a record. I have contacted several media outlets and two government (1 federal and 1 state) agencies.

    The most recent phone call I had with Ancestry is that “some” of the results have just been sitting and waiting for the data to be uploaded and the internal deadline date is set for May 15. I’m still not holding my breath. If they do make that date, it will have taken them 26 weeks (6 months). I guess they like the number six. 6 weeks, 26 weeks, 6 months – it’s all the same to them. They got all of our money and took it to the bank and have been earning interest on it. They sold a product in November already knowing they weren’t going to support it. That’s what Blackstone (new owners) is all about – investments, gaining capital on other peoples money. They paid a pretty penny for Ancestry and as soon as the sale was in the works they put the dna + health plan (the more expensive product) on the chopping block with the end of support day as July 2021 and all those results are being held. It was a scam. They sold a product they knew they were not going to support, they are holding the results until the final hour. You can never get that part of the product they sold you and they never have to provide you with the service that was also originally sold to the customer. Big Total scam. No – it’s not like the big financial institution scams but it was a scam – a subtle scam, the kind that fly under the radar and they do t get penalized. In fact they earn money regardless. And they use COVID as the excuse. They are still advertising 6 – 8 week turn around time for their service and only note possible “shipping delays” due to COVID. In most cases shipping is not the real issue. And from what I was told, processing hasn’t really been an issue either. The data is just sitting there waiting to upload.
    They never even offer a refund for the product, instead they offer “free access” for a month or two so you can use their compiled family, birth, death etc…. data. Without DNA results from the test, how on earth are we suppose to do any research – especially given that some of us have no historical family information whatsoever. I can’t just randomly pick strangers names out of the air and use telepathic powers and know if the persons DNA is a familial match. If I had real names I wouldn’t have needed the DNA results. They got my money, they’ve earned interest on it and they have my personal dna data which they will retain in perpetuity. Part of me wonders if Blackstone is in on some plan to help Ancestry and LDS pull a bankruptcy scam. Blackstone is one the big guys in investment strategy. Church of LDS (the original mob behind Ancestry) has been compiling records on everyone for years and in the past year or so, their true colors and their scandalous behavior has been getting a lot of attention for either their $100b IRS situation (2019) or the more recent events that resemble the so-called “Mormon Mafia” type activity and people are ending up dead and not of natural causes. And no, I don’t watch any Fox News sources. Lol. Something is just very wrong in the Ancestry Mormon LDS Blackstone relationship or “family tree”. Lol. That’s all fir now. I’m sure I’ll be back next month to complain some more but at the end of the day, this isn’t just about me. It’s about all of us getting ripped off and it’s consumer fraud which has always been a hot button for me. I hate the big money guys stomping and cheating us little guys.

  26. Kit mailed – 12/24/20
    Sample Received – 1/20/21
    Sample being processed – 2/25/21
    DNA Extracted – 2/26/21
    Still Waiting – 4/25/21

    I’m extremely pissed because my husband received his results at the end of February. We mailed ours on the same day. When I called they blamed covid and that my husband was lucky to get his results already. What kind of comment is that? Their customer service sucks.

  27. Nothing new. It’s been over 5 months since they received my kit. Just wanted to post the timeline where people can read it easier than my last post.

    Estimated Date for Results: Jan 8

    Kit activated
    Nov 17

    Sample received
    Nov 24

    Sample processing
    Dec 15

    DNA extracted
    Dec 16

    DNA analyzed
    In Progress

    Results ready
    Est. date: Jan 8

  28. Well it looks like they finally are getting around to mine. Just got updated today to “analyzing”. I hope my family still care as much about taking to me as they did with each other’s when they got theirs back 4.5 months ago. lol.
    Still, I’m glad to finally being able to find out.

    Estimated Date for Results: Jan 8

    Kit activated
    Nov 17

    Sample received
    Nov 24

    Sample processing
    Dec 15

    DNA extracted
    Dec 16

    DNA analyzed
    May 3

  29. Kit activated
    Mar 24

    Sample received
    Apr 1

    Sample processing
    Apr 27

    DNA extracted
    Apr 27

    DNA analyzed
    In Progress

    Results ready
    Est. date: May 21

  30. They’ve had mine since December and nothing back except the “join the service to unlink family history” emails. Funny, I get nothing on my inquiries but I do get their advertisement emails. Why should I, when I purchased the kit.
    They should be upfront with their service, but then, no one would use it

  31. Kit Activated– March 16, 2021
    Sample received– March 26
    Sample processing–April 13
    Dna extracted– April 14
    Dna analized– In progress
    Results ready– Estimated May 7
    Got message yesterday lab running behind.

  32. Ancestry Received Sample: March 16, 2021
    Sample Processing: April 1, 2021
    DNA Extracted: April 2, 2021
    DNA Processing: No Date
    Estimated Results Date: April 25, 2021
    Yeah right, here is is May 7th and still no movement from the DNA extraction. This is the second sample I submitted the first one was submitted in January 2021, after waiting 2 months on that one I received an email that there was an equipment issue, so Ancestry would sent me another kit and I needed resend a sample.
    So here I still wait on the second sample. Very frustrating.

  33. Here’s my story:
    Sample recd 1/19
    processing 2/23
    DNA extracted 2/24
    DNA analyzed 4/2
    called numerous times to customer service they are reading off a script same BS due to
    covid last behind etc.. Should I ask for another kit? get money back go to another co??

    • I doubt another kit would help, you need this one moved up the queue. I do suggest that you get customer service to give you at least a free months’ subscription. If you read other comments, you’ll notice others have got this offer.

  34. After reading all the problems, im getting really worried. I know what date the post office took my kit. But the site shows it wasnt mailed until 7 days later. The site also shows my kit received on the 7th day. Now its been basically (dead in the water)(or where ever they put it ) for a month(minus 2 days). Should i contact the BBB, call my charge card company to report a scam ?

    • Their own schedules tend to allow for 2 months after they receive the kit. Once you’ve gone past that point, I suggest you contact customer service. Ancestry is a massive company so this isn’t a scam – but they may have a problem with the lab. If you’re fed up, you could contact your credit card company to discuss a refund.

  35. I bought my kit as an early Christmas gift for myself, anticipating some delay due to COVID. So here’s my timeline:

    Kit received and activated: Dec 13, 2020
    It was mailed the next day.
    Received by Ancestry Dec 29, 2020
    Processing: Feb 11, 2021
    DNA Extracted: Feb 15, 2021

    Then nothing. On May 10/11 (can’t remember exactly when) I chatted with their customer support team to ensure that it hadn’t been lost or had some other problem. She gave me the same form answer it appears lots of others are getting- that most kits will be completed by May 15 and that sometimes your analysis can’t be completed in which case you’ll get a refund, etc. I’m not actually sure if she checked my specific case or just copied and pasted the verbiage they’re giving to everybody. It is now May 19 and still nothing. I suppose at month 6 I will try them again and insist on a completion date or refund. I would honestly rather have it done, as I’d like to continue the family tree building, etc but at this point I’m legitimately beginning to worry that it has been lost or destroyed somehow and that I’m going to be waiting until I’m 90.

  36. I placed the order with Ancestry on the 31st of March, but had not received any e-mail about the shipping by the 21st of April. Hence, I contacted Ancestry through their chat the same day, mostly speaking to a stupid robot chatter occasionally replaced by a human chatter for 10-20 seconds or so.

    After a lot of rather senseless exchanges of messages, the robot (now and than replaced by a human) claimed that they had not been able to process everything due to province missing in my address, not that province is used in the addresses of any Nordic country. Anyway, I entered the name of my province, which was not OK to the robot since it used an obsolete province system for Norway. At the end, the robot said a new package would be sent, showing the postal address I already gave them the 31st of March.

    The 4th of May, I received two notices in the mail of two packages at the post office. One package having arrived 5 days ago, which I got a first notice for, and another package having arrived three weeks earlier, which I got a second (but actually first) notice for. This second package would be returned to the sender within four days, unless I fetched it first. Both came from Germany with Deutsche Post, and were handed over to the main post deliverer in Norway.

    I sent the kit off to Ireland the following day, the 5th of May, and they received it the 26th of May. In an e-mail, they state that it from here should take 6-8 weeks, but at the same time give a notice of that it may take longer due to high demand. Well, they have just had a campaign with reduced kit prices.

    PS! The Norwegian postal service state that letters during this Covid-19 situation currently should take 5-9 days to European Economic Area countries (EU + closely associated countries) outside the Nordic region. However, in my experience, mail, especially packages, sometimes, even under normal circumstances, get stuck up to three weeks in private customs control at the Norwegian border. This, however, seldom seems to happen to deliveries from Swedish and Danish suppliers regularly sending mail and packages to Norway.

  37. Kit activated Dec 11
    Sample received Dec 21
    Sample processing Dec 26
    DNA extracted Mar 4
    DNA analyzed Apr 4

    All that time “expected results” still showed as Feb 16. Got the same May 15\31 deadline response others received when I called early May. It’s now June 1. No results. No communication from Ancestry. Next step will be to contact my credit card company for refund.

  38. I posted my results and updates, now I am waiting on my two boys- info below

    Test 2-
    DNA Kit Activated- May 6
    Mailed In- May 13th
    Sample Received- May 13
    Sample being Processed- May 25
    DNA Extracted- May 29
    Its been stuck at this stage now-

    Test 3-
    DNA Kit activated- May 12
    Kit Mailed in- Nothing here
    Sample Received- May 19th

    Hasn’t changed from there.

    So we mailed their kits out a week apart. Once they progress, I’ll come back and update with the actual dates they are completed.

  39. Received : Jan 4
    Processing: Jan 27
    DNA Extracted: Feb 9
    DNA Analyzed: May 28
    DNA Results: June 2

    My wife activated in Feb and got her results in April.

      • I phoned Ancestry to Ask for update on my kit status and they said they will Email the lab for an update and that i would Get an Email within 24 hours to let me know what is going on . The operator also said at this point that they should be sending me another kit but as they are behandlet if i could wait another two weeks i should be getting some results soon . At this point as my kit status is still showing kit activated and hasnt moved . I did Get an Email from ancestry asking how my phone call was from the operator and if i could rate her call there were some stars to tick out of poor or excellent . I have now decided i will wait two more weeks and if nothing i will ask for another kit to be sent . As i dont know if they have received my first kit .

        • Now Ancestry are having a big fathers day promotion on DNA kits . They should catch up with their large backlog before having anymore promotions .

          • Here is an update , after another Email to ancestry from me asking for a kit update , ancestry finally told me they had not received my kit , they sent another kit on the 25th of june I received the 2nd kit on the 6th of July. Sent to Ireland they sent Email on the 13th acknowledging they had received that kit. No status update in app. And today August the 1st thats where Im at. I have Been waiting since April when i first ordered the first kit. I emailed ancestry to try to get 2nd kit moved up in the que only to be emailed back saying you go to the back of the Line . So after four months Im still waiting

  40. Kit Type: Standard (US)

    DNA Kit Activated: May 6

    Sample Received: May 10

    Sample Being Processed: May 22

    DNA Extracted: May 26

    DNA Analyzed: In Progress

    Been stuck at the Analyzation phase for 2 weeks now. It moved very quickly right up until after it was extracted.

  41. Actives June 29-21
    Mailed June 29-21
    Received Aug 20-21
    Tic tic waiting for next step
    Time for answers is not on my side.
    Other family member had results fro start to finish 7 weeks. Hoping I get answers before it is to late

  42. Hi everybody just wanted to live my timeline 🙂
    – ORDERED 11/28/21
    – SHIPPED 11/29/21
    – ACTIVATED 12/14/21
    – MAILED IN 12/14/21
    – PREP & DISINFECTED 12/18-12/29
    Now I’m just waiting for it to be processed , when I contacted Ancestry they told me January 12th .

  43. UPDATE: I contacted Ancestry and I was told my results would be available in 2-4 weeks and that is the correct timeframe for my kit to go through the various stages of processing, extracting, & analyzing . So i will be expecting my results between 1/13/22-1/27/22 fingers crossed because I was told everything is going to plan .

  44. I have a different complaint: Activate the kit. I don’t remember seeing anything that said “you must activate the kit before processing begins”, but it looks like that is the case. My kit was received Dec. 14, 2021. Yesterday I checked to see the progress and read that I need to “activate” the kit which I did on Jan. 8, 2022. I suppose I lost three and a half weeks on the processing and now have to wait another 6-8 weeks.
    Please Ancestry, make it clear online, as well as inside the kit that before processing the sample the kit must be activated.

  45. Timeline for a DNA kit I manage:
    *Mailed: 5/15/22
    *Received: 5/17/22 text
    *Processing: 5/20/22 text (2-4w to results).
    *Extracted: 5/24/22 text
    (Estimate June 13 for results. Analyzing in progress).
    *Analyzed: 5/30/22 no text
    *Results Ready: 5/31/22 (very, very early morning) no text.

    Hope this helps…

  46. I mailed the kit from New Zealand on 26th June 2022, it still hasn’t arrived. Would it travel by airmail or by ship?

  47. i have psoted kit 30th dec- we had postal strikes in UK but this was posted after then christmas and kit still only shows mailed be 20days this friday , every email ancestry sends me is different , anyone else posted same time , a lady in newcastle has recieved an update on hers posted same day as me ?

  48. I’m in the US. Here is my current timeline:
    12.30.22. Mailed
    01.13.23. Sample received
    01.26.23. Sample processed
    01.30.23. DNA extracted
    02.03.23. DNA analyzed

    02.08.23. Still waiting for results

    How long does this step in the process usually take?


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