Best DNA Tests in 2022

The best DNA test for you will depend on your interests. Are you researching your family tree? Do you want insights into the early origins and ethnicities of your ancestors? Or perhaps your focus is on health reports?

You may want to dive into all three aspects of consumer DNA testing. I’ve put together some in-depth articles and guides for different people and preferences.

Best DNA Tests for Researching Irish Heritage and Family Trees

Researching the Irish lines of your family tree can be a challenge. Documents and records get patchy as you go further back in time.

My heritage is half Irish, and I’ve tested or uploaded my DNA across six reputable companies. This is my assessment and comparison of the best DNA tests for Irish ancestry and family research.

Best DNA Tests For Adoptees and Unknown Parentage

Adopted adults and people with an unknown parent are increasingly turning to DNA tests to research their genetic identity.

Read this lengthy in-depth guide to using a combination of DNA sites to unlock those closed doors.