Showing Tree Size in a Dna Match Graph

We’ve added a new feature to our DNA Match Graph application: making it easy to see the tree size of individual matches. This post is a quick peek at what it gives you.

If you want more background into displaying your matches as network graphs, this post is an introduction.

First things first: the Match Name

Take a look at this DNA match cluster from my own network graph of shared matches. The screen is panned out to get a helicopter view. The high number of interconnections are obscuring the match name next to each node. We knew from the start that we needed a way to show match names more clearly in a dense cluster.

So we added the display strip at the top of the application. Our first display feature was to show the match name when you hover over a particular node.

Now for the Tree Size

To be clear, by “tree size” we mean the number of persons in a tree. Displaying the tree size in a match graph may seem like an obvious feature, but our first release of the application only showed the match name. We had the “Copy URL” button which lets you open the match in the Ancestry DNA website. And after initial use, we realized that testers were hovering through a cluster and quickly opening match pages only to sigh in disappointment when there were two or three people in a tree. Three low-tree nodes in a row was very deflating. This app is supposed to be fun as well as useful!

So we made space in the display bar for the number of people in the match’s tree, and the result was happy smiles from our testers.

It allows the user to hover around the cluster and keep an eye on the changing display of the tree size. “Oh, here’s a 7-person tree followed by a 2-person tree match. Skip those. But 411 persons? Good catch!

Come and Get It!

We are offering early access to the new graph application to a limited number of customers. Register your interest by entering your email for further notification.

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