I was looking for some DNA helix earrings for myself, and the pair that I intended to purchase from Amazon were these:

Boutique Academia DNA Earrings


What I really liked about them was that the spirals were more “correct” in form than some of the others, with both major and minor grooves.

I don’t usally go for long dangly earrings, but these were just about 2 inches (51 mm) – that would suit me fine.

I also love that they are fairly thin and flat, despite the slight curve.

The ear hooks are hypoallergenic (they’re surgical steel). The main piece is rhodium-plated, which is nickel free and great for sensitive skin.

Unfortunately for me, the shippings costs to Ireland dissuaded me from my first choice. If you’re in North America, I envy you.

But I wasn’t disappointed for long. I restricted my search to European outlets, and these lovely alternatives are on their way to me from Amazon UK.

Silverly Women’s Spiral Twist Helix DNA Earrings

These are sterling silver.

They’re about half the length of my first pick, at just over an inch (27 mm). As someone who likes shorter earrings, that’s perfect for me.

They’re more stylized in their representation of a double helix, but the design is beautiful.

I checked the reviews for both for sturdiness, watching for any sign of breakages. But both these brands deliver robust earrings, which will stand the test of time.