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  • How To Add Step Parents And Adopted Parents To Your Ancestry Tree
    The default relationships in an Ancestry tree are biological father, mother, brother,  and sister. But families are more complicated than that! You can add step-parents, foster parents, and adoptive parents to your Ancestry tree. There are also some other less common relationships available. It’s not obvious how to do this, so we’ll give you a … Read more
  • How To Merge Ancestry Trees With RootsMagic – And Fix the Problems
    I’ve been testing the merge of two Ancestry trees with RootsMagic 7. I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t end up in a mess of missing or duplicate entries. Why would I want to merge family trees on Ancestry? I’ve been working for months on a separate private tree where I wasn’t 100% confident of … Read more
  • How To Add An Unrelated Person To Your Ancestry Tree
    It would be nice to have a one-click process to add an unrelated person to your Ancestry tree. Unfortunately, the steps are a little convoluted. One way is to add a “fake” relative to any person, and then remove the connection. This article starts with a step-by-step illustrated walkthrough. We’ll touch on another couple of … Read more
  • When Will RootsMagic 8 Be Available?
    When will RootsMagic 8 be available? You may get irritated responses if you pose this question in several genealogy forums. I spotted one old hand complaining that the question had popped up three times in 45 minutes. I purchased RootsMagic 7 in 2020. The company included a free license key for RootsMagic 8 with this … Read more
  • GEDmatch Superkits – How To Reap The Benefits
    GEDmatch Superkits are part of the paid tier on the GEDmatch website. You can combine up to four uploaded kits in your account into one GEDmatch Superkit – all representing DNA of one person. A GEDmatch Superkit won’t give you a sudden increase in DNA matches. You’re more likely to lose some distant matches at … Read more
  • GEDmatch Kit Numbers Explained
    When you upload your raw DNA results to GEDmatch, you’ll get a unique Kit Number. You’ll be constantly copying or keying it into the GEDmatch comparison reports. Other people may send you their GEDmatch Kit Numbers or ask for yours for collaborating on genealogy research. GEDmatch has changed the format of Kit Numbers several times … Read more
  • What Is Overlap On GEDmatch – An Illustrated Guide
    If you’ve noticed the Overlap column in the One-To-Many Report on GEDmatch, it’s probably because you have DNA matches with varying shades of pink. GEDmatch is warning you to treat these matches with some caution. In general, you don’t need to worry about overlap with your higher (closer) matches. The overlap value is more important … Read more
  • Is GEDmatch Accurate and Legit?
    If you’ve uploaded your DNA to GEDmatch, you may be scratching your head and wondering if your GEDmatch results are accurate. You are bound to see some differences from what your DNA testing company tells you. Both the ethnicity estimates and DNA relative matching will diverge. And not all kits on GEDmatch are real. So, … Read more
  • How To Make Your Online Family Tree Photos Private Or Protected
    Are you looking for ways to make your family tree photos private or protected from misuse? There are many advantages to having a public family tree enriched with photos, but there are two major downsides: Your uploaded images may be copied without due credit Your photos may get assigned by mistake to the wrong people … Read more
  • Upload a GEDCOM File to Ancestry – An Illustrated Guide
    You can upload your family tree into Ancestry using a GEDCOM file from other genealogy websites or software. This article gives you the choice of a video walkthrough or a pictorial guide. You’ll also find answers to common questions about tree defaults, file limits, and photo information. A Video Walkthrough Of Uploading A GEDCOM File … Read more