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  • Irish Birth Records On Ancestry
    Ancestry has nearly twenty collections of Irish birth records that you can browse and search through. These are broadly split between civil and parish records. The civil records come from state archives. The parish records are baptisms from Church registers. This article will point you towards the best and most comprehensive collections. We’ll also give … Read more
  • Royal Irish Constabulary On gives you access to browse, search, and view the 19th and early 20th-century record collections of Royal Irish Constabulary. Ancestry has two collections that cover the Irish Constabulary. This article gives the background to the records and the kind of details that you’ll see. I’ll also explain why you should consider using the Find … Read more
  • Irish Marriage Records On
    The website has nearly twenty different collections of Irish marriage records. One massive collection is the complete index of Ireland’s civil registration records. The drawback is that it lacks images and enough information to easily identify your relatives. But we’ll give you some tips for this. Some smaller collections have the original images from … Read more
  • Irish Catholic Parish Registers On Ancestry
    Ancestry gives you access to browse, search and view collections of Irish Catholic baptism, marriage, and burial records. These records are from the Church parish registers. Ancestry has nearly twenty different collections for this material, which can be confusing. Some are small and represent a handful of parishes. Some are older and have a lower … Read more
  • Do Ancestry And 23andMe Share Data? (Explained) and 23andMe are separate companies that mostly do not share data with each other. But there are some exceptions, and this article explains how this does or does not affect you. Some customers would prefer that their DNA be shared across both companies. This would avoid having to buy two DNA tests. If that’s … Read more
  • Almost Extinct Last Names In America
    There are several thousand last names that are almost extinct in the United States. Some may be spelling variations of more common names. Other last names are unique. You can judge for yourself when you scroll through our list of over 5,000 near extinct last names. How To Identify Last Names That Are Nearly Extinct … Read more
  • Over 1,000 Rare Last Names In America
    The U.S. census lets us figure out what are the rarest names in America. Are you looking for uncommon names for a story? The chances are low that you or anyone you know will have met someone with one of these names. If you are wondering about a specific name, we have a separate article … Read more
  • Big List Of Nicknames For Genealogy
    When you’re searching for ancestors and relatives in old documents, you will find that sometimes their nickname was used instead of the first name on their birth record. Some nicknames are fairly obvious, with a “y” tacked onto the end of the formal name. But when you scroll through our list, you’ll be scratching your … Read more
  • Workhouse Records On
    The Workhouse Registers contain detail of people residing in institutions set up for poverty relief across Britain and Ireland. This article covers these collections on We also give you tips on searching for what you need, and where else to look for records. What Were The Workhouses? The Workhouses were set up by the … Read more
  • Workhouse Records On Find My Past
    The Workhouse Registers contain details of people residing in institutions set up for poverty relief across Britain and Ireland. Find My Past has the biggest collection of Workhouse records available online. This article looks at what you’ll find in these collections on Find My Past. We also give you tips on searching for what you … Read more