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  • How Rare Is Your Surname? (How To Find Out)
    Why do some surnames become increasingly uncommon? And how rare is your last name? This article gives examples of rare and extinct surnames in the U.S. and the U.K. We also show you how to check how rare or common your name is across the world. Why Do Surnames Become Rare? There are several reasons … Read more
  • How To Scan An Old Book With A Phone (Non-Destructive)
    You’ve probably used your phone to scan a few pages of an old book. When you don’t want to damage the binding, you’ve held the book in a way that protects the spine. And with your other hand, you’ve angled the phone to get the best image or scan. It can be quite a contortion … Read more
  • How To Find 23andMe Relatives on MyHeritage
    If you have uploaded your 23andMe DNA results to MyHeritage, it’s very useful to find common DNA relatives on both sites. But they’re not always easy to spot! This article is about ways to find your 23andMe DNA relatives who are also on MyHeritage. Why Find Your 23andMe Relatives on MyHeritage? Unlike MyHeritage, your 23andMe … Read more
  • Four Ways To Find Your 23andMe Relatives On Ancestry
    If you have tested with both Ancestry DNA and 23andMe, it’s very useful to find the same relatives on both sites. This article runs through four ways to find your 23andMe DNA matches on Ancestry. Why Find Your 23andMe Relatives on Ancestry? Unlike, 23andMe doesn’t have family trees. When I ran a full analysis … Read more
  • How Much Does An AncestryDNA Kit Cost? launched its DNA test kits in 2012 in the United States. The original launch price was $99. The company has kept that standard price for their DNA kit ever since. The company also runs sales and special offers which I’ll detail in a later section. But here is the standard pricing of Ancestry DNA … Read more
  • Who Owns Promethease? (Explained)
    This article explains the current ownership of Promethease. Then we give a quick history of Promethease, SNPedia, and what happened when the founders sold to new owners. Who Owns Promethease? Promethease is owned by MyHeritage, a company that provides genealogy services and DNA tests. The Israel-based company purchased Promethease and the SNPedia website in 2019 … Read more
  • Can You Do An Ancestry DNA Test Anonymously?
    Do you want to buy an Ancestry DNA test while keeping your details anonymous? This article looks at your anonymity and privacy options with Ancestry. We’ll walk you through how to limit personal details shown to your DNA relatives. We also look at whether being completely anonymous is possible. What Your DNA Relatives See On … Read more
  • How Does Ancestry DNA Show Half-Siblings (Examples)
    This article explains how half-siblings show up on your list of DNA relatives on Ancestry. I don’t have close relatives who have tested with Ancestry DNA, so I asked friends who do to send me screenshots of their results. You may be surprised to see how Ancestry shows half-siblings. How Much DNA Do Half Siblings … Read more
  • Does Ancestry Sell Your DNA? (Explained)
    Some people hesitate about buying a DNA kit from because of concerns that Ancestry may sell your DNA. It’s true that participates in research projects that may have commercial benefits to the company e.g. the development of drugs for healthcare. However, your DNA is not included unless you consent to participate. If you … Read more
  • Can You Do 23andMe Anonymously? (Explained)
    Do you want to purchase a DNA test from 23andMe, but you’d prefer to do so anonymously? This article looks at your anonymity and privacy options with 23andMe. We’ve got a walkthrough of limiting what you show to DNA relatives. We also review whether being completely anonymous is possible, and how close you can get … Read more