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  • 7 Best Tips For Searches is a subscription site with North American and international archives of newspapers and obituaries. Here are my top tips for getting the most from your searches on NewspaperArchive. Basic And Advanced Search On Before I get to the tips, I’ll run quickly through the different search interfaces on the website. You’ll find the … Read more
  • Review And Guide has a growing archive of US. and international newspapers and obituaries that could be hugely beneficial to your genealogy research. This review goes in-depth into what NewspaperArchive has to offer and how to explore their coverage before you take a trial or subscription. Summary Of Pros And Cons Of Pros: Many 1000s of … Read more
  • Get The Most From The Trial Period Of Any Newspaper Archive
    Many of the historical newspaper subscription websites have a free trial period. You will want to use this time to evaluate whether their newspaper and obituary collections will be helpful to your family tree research. The best approach to maximize the trial period is to draw up a research hit list in advance. This article … Read more
  • Who Owns (Explained) has changed ownership in recent years. This article takes an in-depth look at the new owners and reviews the history of the founder and former owner. Who Owns was owned by founder Christopher Gill from its launch in 1999 to its purchase in 2020. The operating company, World Archives LLC, was acquired … Read more
  • GenealogyBank Review – And How To Maximize Your Trial
    GenealogyBank has a growing archive of American newspapers and obituaries that could be a huge benefit to your family history research. The challenge is figuring out whether GenealogyBank has relevant material for your ancestors and relatives. You don’t want to purchase an annual subscription and come up empty on your searches. This review goes in-depth … Read more
  • 7 Tips For Newspaper Searches On
    GenealogyBank has archives for newspapers and obituaries as well as other collections. This article covers my best tips for searching the Newspaper archives on GenealogyBank. Simple And Advanced Search On GenealogyBank Before I get to the tips, I’ll run quickly through the search interface on the website. The basic search interface on GenealogyBank is very … Read more
  • Who Owns GenealogyBank? (A Brief History)
    GenealogyBank is one of several newspaper archives available to family history enthusiasts. But who owns the GenealogyBank website and subscription service? There’s an interesting history behind the brand. Who Owns GenealogyBank? GenealogyBank is a newspaper and genealogical record subscription service owned by NewsBank, a private company headquartered in Florida. NewsBank was founded in 1972 by … Read more
  • Whatever Happened To AncestryHealth? (Explained) used to sell a separate DNA test that provided health reports to customers. They discontinued this product in early 2021. There’s been plenty of speculation as to why AncestryHealth was canned. This article covers the brief history of the product with a round-up of opinions on its short life span! What Was AncestryHealth? Ancestry … Read more
  • Download Your Ancestry Matches To Excel Spreadsheet
    Do you feel a little overwhelmed when looking at your Ancestry DNA matches? I find that a great way to tackle thousands of matches is to download them into a spreadsheet. This article has a step-by-step tutorial on downloading your Ancestry matches to an Excel spreadsheet. We’ve added a quick video for each step so … Read more
  • MyHeritage Photo Enhancer – How It Works And Best Tips
    The MyHeritage Photo Enhancer can make blurry family photographs from the early 1900s look like they were taken with a high-resolution camera. The results can be remarkably good. The application also tries to replace blurred or obscured parts of your images using complex algorithms. This article looks at how this works (and sometimes doesn’t work). … Read more