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  • Royal Irish Constabulary On Find My Past
    Find My Past gives you access to browse, search, and view the 19th and early 20th-century record collections of Royal Irish Constabulary. This article explains the background of the constabulary records and the kind of detail you’ll find within them. We’ll also look at some alternative free and commercial sites that have similar access. Royal … Read more
  • Irish Catholic Parish Registers On Find My Past
    Find My Past gives you access to browse, search and view 18th and 19th-century record collections of Irish Catholic baptisms, marriages, and burial. This article explains the importance of the parish registers and how they are organized. We’ll give you our best tips on browsing and searching for your ancestors in the registers. And we’ll … Read more
  • Irish Petty Sessions On Find My Past
    Find My Past launched a collection of Irish Petty Sessions records in 2008, which has since expanded to include transcripts of all 2.5 million records. This article looks at how to make the best use of these records in your family research. We also look at where you can find this collection elsewhere. You may … Read more
  • Newspapers On Find My Past – Review (2021)
    Find My Past has partnered with the British Newspaper Archive to digitize the vast newspaper collections of the national British Library. The different websites and subscription levels can be confusing. This review of newspapers on Find My Past should answer all your questions. Most Newspapers On Find My Past Require The Premium Subscription When you … Read more
  • Find My Past Family Trees – Review (2021)
    I hadn’t used Find My Past in a while, and I wanted to check out their family tree features in 2021. Here’s a review to get you started with a family tree on Find My Past, and tips on getting the most benefit from their features. I’ll also point out some aspects that I think … Read more
  • Can You Upload DNA To Find My Past? (Explained)
    Find My Past does not do consumer DNA testing or analysis. The company offers an online genealogy archive through several websites. However, Find My Past has partnered with a British DNA testing company called Living DNA. Living DNA sells DNA kits and also accepts uploads of DNA from other major DNA testing companies. This includes … Read more
  • What Happened To Genes Reunited?
    Genes Reunited was a very popular British genealogy website in the early 2000s that is now less well known. This article looks at what happened to Genes Reunited. Who Owns Genes Reunited? Genes Reunited was purchased in 2009 by a subsidiary of D.C. Thomson, a newspaper and comics publisher with headquarters in Scotland. The previous … Read more
  • Who Owns Find My Past? (Current And Previous Owners)
    FindMyPast is owned by Scottish-based publishing company D.C. Thomson, who purchased the genealogy website in 2007 from the Title Research Group. DC Thomson has a long history in newspapers and comics publishing. The company also owns the British Newspaper Archives website and Genes Reunited. What Is Find My Past? FindMyPast is the brand name for … Read more
  • Why Use An Overhead Scanner For Old Books? (Explained)
    If you have old books that you want to scan, then your best home choice is an overhead scanner. Overhead scanners put less wear and tear on your precious books than other types of flatbed scanners. This is known as non-destructive scanning. Handheld scanners (or your phone) can also be non-destructive and produce high-quality scans. … Read more
  • How to Get A List Of Surnames From Your Family Tree
    If your family tree is online on or MyHeritage, there’s no simple way to export a list of surnames from the website. This article shows what a simple way to extract a list of surnames from your tree into a spreadsheet. Then I’ll show you some neat stuff you can do with that list. … Read more