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  • Does Ancestry Own Family Tree Maker? (Not Anymore)
    Ancestry owned Family Tree Maker for over a decade before Software MacKiev acquired the desktop genealogy software. The software is available for purchase from the MacKiev website. Family Tree Maker (or FTM to its fans) has been through six owners by my count. It has an interesting and checkered history. Read on for the juicy … Read more
  • How To Add A Family Tree To GEDmatch
    There are two ways to add a family tree to GEDmatch: upload a GEDCOM file or add a link from a Wikitree. The GEDCOM approach is more common amongst GEDmatch members. This article has a review and walkthrough of importing a GEDCOM file to GEDmatch. We’ll also take a detailed look at privacy and living … Read more
  • GEDmatch Ancestor Projects – An Illustrated Guide
    GEDmatch Ancestor projects are part of the free tier of GEDmatch membership. You must upload your DNA results to GEDmatch to access the feature. The application page lets you browse a list of available projects and apply to join one or more. This article is a walkthrough of how to join an Ancestor Project and … Read more
  • Does 23andMe Test mtDNA? (See Sample Results)
    23andMe provide limited testing of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA tests). Part of the information is presented as a report of your maternal haplogroup. This article shows you what to expect from your 23andMe test of mtDNA. Does 23andMe Test Mitochondrial DNA? 23andMe does limited testing of mitochondrial DNA. Male and female customers are given their maternal … Read more
  • Does 23andMe Show Famous Relatives?
    When you test your DNA with 23andMe, your results include a set of Ancestry reports and a list of DNA relatives. Will you discover famous relatives with 23andMe? This article shows you exactly what to expect. Does 23andMe Show Famous Relatives? 23andMe has a feature that suggests some famous relatives in one or two of … Read more
  • Does 23andMe Test Y-DNA? (See Example Results)
    Although I’ve tested my DNA with 23andMe, I can’t use my own DNA reports to check what the company does with Y-DNA. However, I’ve taken a detailed look at the 23andMe reports for male customers. This article shows you what Y-DNA information you can expect from a 23andMe DNA test. Does 23andMe Test Y-DNA? 23andMe … Read more
  • How To Link 23andMe To Ancestry – An Illustrated Guide
    You can link 23andMe to your Ancestry family tree by adding the web address of the tree to your 23andMe account. You can also choose to let your 23andMe DNA relatives use this link to view your tree on the Ancestry website. This article gives you illustrated instructions on setting up a link in 23andMe … Read more
  • What Happened To AncestrybyDNA?
    AncestrybyDNA is a DNA test introduced in 2002 that provides a high-level breakdown of ancient origins. It is sometimes confused with the offering from AncestryDNA, the testing arm of The AncestrybyDNA kit has changed owners, but it is still on the market in several guises. Its history includes marketing controversy, a lawsuit from, … Read more
  • MyHeritage Genetic Groups – A Walkthrough And Review
    MyHeritage rolled out Genetic Groups as a major new release in December 2020. My assessment is that MyHeritage has significantly increased the insights offered to people with European heritage. I’m impressed with how my main genetic group pinpoints my Irish ancestry to a small area in a small country. This group aligns with my known … Read more
  • How To Split Your MyHeritage Tree: A Step-By-Step Tutorial
    If you want to split your MyHeritage family tree, you won’t be able to do it easily on the MyHeritage website. You could copy people one-by-one into a new tree, but this would be very tedious. This article is a step-by-step guide to separating a MyHeritage tree using free software. A Common Scenario – Splitting … Read more