Ancestry Search Tips

24 Tips To Search Ancestry Records With Great Results

Even experienced users of will learn plenty of new tricks among these Ancestry search tips. We keep each tip short and sweet, but we link to expanded articles with case studies and examples. Some specialist tips apply to specific research scenarios, so bookmark this page for future reference. Let’s go! Ancestry Search Tips – … Read more

Twelve Tips for Using Ancestry ThruLines – Part 15 of our In-Depth Guide

These twelve tips for using Ancestry Thrulines follow on from the previous chapter about the underlying systems that generate them. As ThruLines are based on other people’s family trees, some will be accurate and some will be garbage. This chapter is on the best strategies and tips to identify the most useful Thrulines for your … Read more

SQL Script

Rename RootsMagic Media Files Downloaded from your Ancestry Tree

Step 1: Install RootsMagic and download your Ancestry tree The free version (RootsMagic Essentials) will complete this task. There is a step-by-step pictorial guide in this article on using RootsMagic to back up your Ancestry tree. Alternatively, this video is a step-by-step walkthrough: Step 2: Copy the RootsMagic media folder You will rename the media … Read more

Tree Profile Image

How To Add Photos To An Ancestry Tree

Have you got photos of your great-grandparents that you want to add to your Ancestry tree? Would you like a picture to be displayed as your ancestor’s profile image in the tree? Have you spotted an image in other members’ trees that you would like to copy in the right way? This step-by-step guide will … Read more

How to share your Ancestry Tree

How To Share An Ancestry Family Tree

How do you share your tree on Can you give access to non-members, or do they need to pay for membership? This article gives a step-by-step guide to providing access to your Ancestry family tree. How To Share An Ancestry Family Tree You can share your Ancestry tree through: a unique shareable link that … Read more