When Will RootsMagic 8 Be Available?

When will RootsMagic 8 be available? You may get irritated responses if you pose this question in several genealogy forums. I spotted one old hand complaining that the question had popped up three times in 45 minutes. I purchased RootsMagic 7 in 2020. The company included a free license key for RootsMagic 8 with this … Read more

How To Make Your Online Family Tree Photos Private Or Protected

Are you looking for ways to make your family tree photos private or protected from misuse? There are many advantages to having a public family tree enriched with photos, but there are two major downsides: Your uploaded images may be copied without due credit Your photos may get assigned by mistake to the wrong people … Read more

How Do I Make My Ancestry Tree Public?

When I’m starting research on a family tree on Ancestry.com, I often make it private. When I’m confident that my tree is accurate, then I want others to benefit from my research. That’s when I make my Ancestry tree public. How Do I Make My Ancestry Tree Public on Ancestry.Com? To make your Ancestry tree … Read more

Ancestry Search Tips

24 Tips To Search Ancestry Records With Great Results

Even experienced users of Ancestry.com will learn plenty of new tricks among these Ancestry search tips. We keep each tip short and sweet, but we link to expanded articles with case studies and examples. Some specialist tips apply to specific research scenarios, so bookmark this page for future reference. Let’s go! Ancestry Search Tips – … Read more

How To Use Ancestry ThruLines (12 Best Tips)

These twelve tips for using Ancestry Thrulines are our best strategies and tips to identify the most useful Thrulines for your research avoid polluting your tree with incorrect paths to mistaken ancestors I’ve reviewed a wide range of articles and social media postings for great ways to evaluate ThruLines. There’s no single best way to … Read more