Four Ways to Use a Chromosome Browser with Ancestry DNA

A question keeps popping up on genealogy forums: does Ancestry have a chromosome browser? Ancestry does not have a chromosome browser. You can transfer your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, or GEDmatch, and use their chromosome browsers instead. This article is a guide to the different ways you can use a third-party chromosome browser on … Read more

24 Tips To Search Ancestry Records With Great Results

Even experienced users of will learn plenty of new tricks among these Ancestry search tips. We keep each tip short and sweet, but we link to expanded articles with case studies and examples. Some specialist tips apply to specific research scenarios, so bookmark this page for future reference. Let’s go! Ancestry Search Tips – … Read more

Best DNA Tests for Adopted Adults to Unlock Family Heritage

Adoptees and people with unknown parentage are using DNA Tests to identify birth parents, health information, and ethnic heritage. Which DNA test is best for adopted adults or anyone who doesn’t know the identity of a biological parent? AncestryDNA is the best DNA test for adoptees researching birth family. Use 23andMe if you only want … Read more

Transfer Your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage – A Complete Guide

If you’re thinking of transferring your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage, then you should consider these questions: How do you transfer your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage? How big is the MyHeritage DNA database compared to others? What are the advantages of having your DNA on MyHeritage? How much do the DNA features cost with MyHeritage? How … Read more

Twelve Tips for Using Ancestry ThruLines – Part 15 of our In-Depth Guide

These twelve tips for using Ancestry Thrulines follow on from the previous chapter about the underlying systems that generate them. As ThruLines are based on other people’s family trees, some will be accurate and some will be garbage. This chapter is on the best strategies and tips to identify the most useful Thrulines for your … Read more