Who Has The Largest DNA Database? (2021)

The consumer DNA testing market grew rapidly over several years after Ancestry.com launched its autosomal DNA kit in 2012. However, the rate of growth slowed significantly from 2018. But this doesn’t mean that growth has stalled. I’m a customer of all the major companies, and I see new DNA relatives on each site with every … Read more

How Far Back Does 23andMe Go?

A 23andMe DNA test offers several features for researching your ethnicity and DNA relatives. These features have different limits on how far back in time they can go. The 23andMe Ancestry Timeline goes back over 320 years to the year 1700, which represents from 8 to 11 generations. The Recent Ancestor Locations in 23andMe’s ethnicity … Read more

Where Can I Upload My DNA For Free?

I have uploaded my raw DNA results to four sites for free: GEDmatch, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and Living DNA. This article gives you tutorials on uploading to each site. I also purchased DNA kits from Ancestry and 23andMe. These two companies do not currently accept uploads from elsewhere. However, I have a workaround for you that … Read more

Who Owns 23andMe? (Explained)

23andMe was privately owned up until 2021 when it merged with a Virgin Groups acquisition company to go public without a traditional IPO. Anne Wojcicki and Richard Branson are the most high-profile stakeholders in the new venture. However, a considerable number of investors have taken ownership stakes in 23andMe in prior funding rounds. This article … Read more

How Long Do 23andMe DNA Results Take in 2021?

The 23andMe website says that they typically take 6 to 8 weeks to produce your DNA results from your kit arrives at the lab. Last year, some happy customers reported that their results took only two weeks to be ready. But are there delays in current times? I’ve checked the genealogy forums to see what … Read more

Does 23andMe Test mtDNA? (See Sample Results)

23andMe provide limited testing of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA tests). Part of the information is presented as a report of your maternal haplogroup. This article shows you what to expect from your 23andMe test of mtDNA. Does 23andMe Test Mitochondrial DNA? 23andMe does limited testing of mitochondrial DNA. Male and female customers are given their maternal … Read more

Does 23andMe Test Y-DNA? (See Example Results)

Although I’ve tested my DNA with 23andMe, I can’t use my own DNA reports to check what the company does with Y-DNA. However, I’ve taken a detailed look at the 23andMe reports for male customers. This article shows you what Y-DNA information you can expect from a 23andMe DNA test. Does 23andMe Test Y-DNA? 23andMe … Read more