Transfer Your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage – A Complete Guide

If you’re thinking of transferring your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage, then you should consider these questions: How do you transfer your Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage? How big is the MyHeritage DNA database compared to others? What are the advantages of having your DNA on MyHeritage? How much do the DNA features cost with MyHeritage? How … Read more

MyHeritage Family Tree Privacy

MyHeritage Tree Privacy – A Guide for your Public and Private Trees

If you’ve started using MyHeritage after working with other genealogy sites such as, you may find the privacy settings to be confusing. Worse than that, you may not realize that the default MyHeritage privacy settings are different from other family tree websites. MyHeritage is more generous in giving other people access to your trees … Read more

Security Breaches on DNA Sites

Security Breaches and DNA Testing Websites – July 2020

July 2020 was a bad month for security hacks and breaches in the world of genealogy and DNA testing websites. On 19th July 2020, GEDmatch (owned by Verogen) announced a security breach on their Facebook page. They took their website down to address the issues. It remained unavailable for a number of days. A major … Read more